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Industry Video Borescopes

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Industry video borescope is very popular in the non destructive testing for long pipeline and pressure pipeline. Meanwhile, it is also suitable for the interior detection of large vessel and equipment, and the checking items include rust, corrosion, flaw and foreign object, etc. Our customer can select specific detection wire, and the length is 30m or even longer. The wire has excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance, and it is suitable for long distance detection. The 3 types of camera lens we provided are replaceable, and they can be used in different conditions. Wide angle lens, long focus zoom lens, and 360° objective lens can support HD photography, video recording, and 360° image detection. This video borescopes are widely applied in many fields, such as railway, ship, machinery, steel processing, petrochemical engineering and electric power industry.

Yanshun Endoscopes is a specialized industry video borescopes manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a broad range of products, including 1.8mm ultra thin videoscopes, focus adjustable industrial videoscopes, endoscope suction channel, and more.

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